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Please see below the first 50 pages of what we consider to be the most accessible and interesting book written about earthing / grounding and the wonderful healing it can bring into our lives. We are able to source phyical copies of the full book which is a full 273 pages. Please get in touch or email us if you would like us to order one for you. We can also source a full range of official Clint Ober earthing equipment, including earthing bands, universal conductive mats & bed sheets etc. We use our own earthing equipment on a daily basis, with great health benefits.

Just added! we now have the full 273 page PDF version available for free - Download here!
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The following article goes into some pretty in depth scientific proof of the existence of a unviersal all pervading energy which is often referred to as Chi or Prana. The existience of this energy was proven by an amazing man named Dr Wilhelm Reich. He named the energy, orgone energy. Sadly he was put in prison in the USA by the FDA and died the very day before he was due to be released. At this point all of his published books were incinerated, certainly since the contents of them when applied could eaisly make the world a better place and move us away from a reliance on the existing low technology energy companies. The Orgone generating devices we supply give off the positive form or orgone energy described in the article and using them can have dramatic and quick effects on people, plants, animals and even the environment itself. Please check out our testimonials section for some very interesting positive feedback.

We have found powerful magnetic healing tools have many great health benefits. Please look at our 'notable quotes' section for a Doctor's list of 7 main benefits that have been scientifically proven (We also have a great 10 minute video in the video section with excerpts from television shows) Many other side benefits have also been proven to exist and literally dozens of double blind studies worldide conclusively prove the efficacy of magnetic therapy. The documents below go into some detail of what magnetic therapy actually is, how it works, and lists numerous scientific studies.