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This website is a great short and sweet introduction to the history, manufacture and applications of orgone healing devices. It is able to produce chi, prana or positive orgone energy balancing the energies of plants, animals and indeed people 24/7. They require no external power source other than the naturally present etheric energies surrounding them. Please also check our articles section for a PDF article that proves the existence of orgone energy. Orgone devices, pendants and orgone 'pulsers' are available from the products section, and you will find truly remarkable testimonials in our testimonials section. All purchases from Mother Nature's Miracles serve to fund environmental healing using orgone devices in central Scotland. We have found orgone devices to be truly empowering and life changing.

This is a great website detailing how the surface of the Earth resonates with natural, subtle energies which are instantly transferred by touching the ground with bare skin. Ongoing scientific research is discovering the details as to why people feel significantly better when they connect with these omnipresent energy fields. Earthing refers to the process of connecting by walking barefoot outside, as humans have done throughout history, or sitting, working, or sleeping grounded indoors. (please see our products section for indoor earthign devices)


For more than a decade, thousands of people around the world—men, women, children, and athletes—have incorporated Earthing into their daily routines and report that they sleep better, have less pain and stress, and faster recovery from trauma. Earthing immediately equalizes your body to the same energy level, or potential, as the Earth. This results in synchronizing your internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms, and suffusing your body with healing, negatively charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth. Earthing is among the most natural and safest things you can do. Truly a fascinating subject and something you can test out for free and find benefits within minutes. Now we are aware of the benefits of earthing outside barefoot we often take time to do this. The resulting feeling of pain relief, calm and relaxation truly is a gift from Mother Nature providing Miraculous Healing.

 The WORLD PUBLIC UNION is a publicly operated union made for the people by the people. The goal of the WPU is to centralize the largest group of activists on the planet to ensure and maintain transparency in government and industry. To create glass walls within all government and industry buildings to ensure the best interests and decisions are being made to benefit the earth and humanity. We have reached a monumental era in history where people are beginning to see the world for what it really is. It is an age of truth and realization in which the public has become aware of corruption within governments and industry on a grand scale. Now, more than ever before people are "WAKING" up to the injustices that exist within their world. What happens after we "awaken"? We "RISE", and therefore it is now time for the people to "RISE" up and do something about it. The WORLD PUBLIC UNION is a platform for activist groups to be found under one umbrella so that it is easier to find like minded individuals in your local area. It is a resource for all free thinking human beings who want to make a difference in the world they are a part of. Each new union is like a seed and as it is given life and structure, so will the lives of the individuals making it happen and communities all around the world will start to see honest changes through publicly discussed issues and problem solving techniques. It is an evolution through truth and unity. If something is 'truthfully' not there, then it cannot 'truly' exist. This is how we eliminate tyranny. We need to simply get rid of it. Identify the problem, and make it non-existant. It is our outlook and perception as a collective consciousness which defines our reality and each and every one of us has the potential to create the change we want to see in the world. We just have to do it. The facts and evidence are on this website. The time for change is NOW!"

The Campaign for Truth in Medicine is a citizen-driven consumer advocacy group which recognises the fundamental right of an individual's freedom of choice in health treatments. CTM recognises that informed choice for treatments in medicine today is the exception rather than the rule. CTM is committed to the distribution of accurate health and treatment information from properly researched sources leading to a citizen's informed choice. CTM believes strong, well-informed citizen advocacy builds a confident, co-ordinated and united opposition to dangerous and flawed conventional practices. The founder of CTM, Mr Phillip Day kick started our own personal journey into discovering truths we are denied access to through the mainstream media. We highly reccomend signing up and receiving their "E-club" emails, and also highly recommend checking out their sister organisation Credence Publications (see our reccomended books section)

From this great site's introdction "It’s clear that humanity faces grand challenges. Challenges which are systemic and deeply rooted in many outdated systems & structures — Energy, Economic, Government, Social & Environmental. Old ways of doing & thinking have become increasingly unsustainable and unviable, and are in need of great transformation. In essence, we have forgotten how to care for our planet and one another. The good news is we have reached a tipping point. The collective consciousness is awakening with a passionate desire to replace disharmony with harmony, scarcity with abundance, harm done with good deeds.


You, along with millions of others, want to truly do something about it. A substantial part of this equation is clean sustainable energy. Solving the energy crisis would radically change — EVERYTHING. We believe humanity already has the solution for the energy crisis. For decades leading edge scientists, researchers and paradigm breaking inventors have demonstrated advanced clean and sustainable energy technologies and applications. The first of these are preparing to enter the global market now. The years of delay are due to unwilling and uneducated leaders and energy policy makers, but that is all about to change.


In times of technological empowerment and the strong desire to evolve, people have always taken matters into their own hands. We are uniting forces to create a movement to activate global consciousness.  The Breakthrough Energy Movement is a non-profit volunteer driven organization dedicated to educating & activating the public about breakthrough energy technologies which are clean, sustainable and world changing.

Great clinic based in Chorley, Lancashire with easy access from Manchester, Bury, Bolton, Blackburn, Preston and Wigan. They offer many Holistic Therapies, and specialise in Colonic Irrigation and Allergy Testing. With over 20 years experience they are very knowledgeable.

Beautiful spiritual artwork by Endre Balogh, who is an internationally known concert violinist and an amazing photogrpaher / artist. Two of his beautiful sysmbols are used to promotoe higher vibrational healing within our own products, i.e. the orgone 'pulser'. In this website you can have any one of his 100's of amazing images set within your own personal high quality Jewelry.

Uri Geller here is pictured with a piece fo Endre Baloghs amazing artwork. You can check out all of his incredible sacred germoetry images and order prints and greeting cards etc. Just click on Uri! We are delighted to be connected to Endre and feel blessed to have his artwork within our own work. Enjoy checking out his creations!

For anyone in central Scotland, we can't reccomend the amazing services of Dr Gregorio Torchio highly enough. He has certainly had a profound effect on us personally and indeed thousands of happy clients. After receiving his PhD from “La Sapienza”, University of Rome, Dr Gregorio Torchio decided to dedicate his focus on alternative and complementary Medicine, specifically relating to the topic of food as a provider of medicinal benefits. Dr Torchia’s main expertise is in Bio-Nutritional Therapy learned partly through studying Kampo medicine. Kampo medicine is a Japanese medicine regime based on food and herb treatments. Dr Torchio uses state of the art equipment for a full body and vital organ scan, and can then assess disease risk, nutritional status etc. and then go on to provide perfect dietary advice to bring the patient back to a balanced and healthy state.