We are always delighed to hear from our customers with testimonials in the form of written letters, emails and facebook page comments. Please find below a good selection covering all of our products. If you would like to send us one, please do so, they are always heartfelt. Sharing your story with others will no doubt lead to them experiencing benefits too.

Virus / Parasite Pulser with Pure Copper Electrodes & Orgone Enhancements


I had read all the brilliant reports from people of the Orgone Pulsers ability to rid the body of parasites, viruses and bacteria, but as I had no obvious health issues it was difficult at first to discover the truth for myself. However, one day soon after I bought the Pulser I started to get a bad cold, I was sneezing, felt shivery and my whole body ached, plus I was really tired with low energy. This would always be a sign of a few days of illness and general misery for me. So, I wore the Pulser all day and for most of the night while I was sleeping. I was so happy to wake up with no signs of the cold at all. I was 100% back to normal! This worked for me.... I only wish I had it a while back when I had a sickness bug. Hooray for the Pulser, now I can fight back bugs with ease!


Amanda Kay, Roslin, Scotland, Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist


Due to having an auto-immune condition, I need to be very careful to ward of colds and other bugs since my immune system isn't great at fighting them off. I am so delighted to have discovered the orgone pulser! This winter I have had only 2 colds - both times when I had stopped using my zapper. I'm not making that mistake again! I usualy sleep with my pulser on overnight. It doesn't stop me sleeping well and I hardly notice it is there, but the whole night it is doing a good job for me in fighting off all manner of nasties. I'd highly reccomend an orgone pulser to everybody, it really is an invaluable healing device.


Stacy Buchanan, Leicester, England


“My name is William and I have suffered from eczema since I was 6 months old. There has only been about 4 times for 1 year periods that I can say I have had no skin issues. When I was seven, thirteen, just before puberty, and when I was 22. I am now 30 and before ‘Pulsing’ using my pulser I was still having skin trouble. When you suffer from eczema, infections are a constant worry, even the smallest irritation from bacteria or mould can have serious consequences. Since using my Pulser I have reduced my dry skin eczema infections to an absolute minimum. The results are staggering, especially when you have used all conceptual medical techniques to a dissatisfying end. I did need to have room to take another concept into account and research it, and for such an unusual practice to provide such a great life changing result within just one month is astonishing.”


William, Bathgate, Scotland


"I had suffered badly with eczema since childhood. After wearing the pulser for a full month constantly the eczema has cleared up and is under control. I have found the itchniess has been taken away, making me feel much better, plus I am sleeping better too especially since I am no lnger scratching. I'm delighted!"


David, Edinburgh


"Soon after I was diagnosed with a serious illness my daughter bought me a pulser from the Mother Nature's Miracles website. I used it 24/7 just before surgery and also during three weeks of intense treatment. Surprisingly I was not feeling any ill effects from the treatments which I am told is very rare, and I was feeling and looking great throughout. Soon after the all clear was given, and now several months on I feel wonderful. I still use the pulser regularly now and notice many benefits to my health and well being. This just has to be the best gift I have ever been given in my life. I feel I could not do without my pulser since it keeps me so well and upbeat. I am so grateful to my daughter, and for all the help and support directly from Mother Natire's Miracles."

Evelyn Innes, Livingston, Scotland, UK


Before using the pulser, a long car journey would leave me exhausted upon arrival, unable to face any challenges at my destination, rather in severe need of nurturing! Using the pulser whilst driving has change all of that and I arrive cheerful and kempt and ready to get on with things on my arrival! What a life changer, especially with a business to run and children to care for!


Holly Paige - www.foodforconsciousness.co.uk


I love my pulser and have found it to be a very good cure for sickness like colds and flu. I bought one for just sixty pounds and now I don't have to buy other things like cold and flu pills. This is because no colds or flu has affected me since I had my zapper to help stop them from making me sick. When I start to feel a little sick or have a sore throat which happens when a cold or flu first tries to infect I just use my pulser as soon as I can, and also overnight. Every time the illness has not appeared. I think these are a very good invention and recommend everyone should have one.


Wojtek Wziatek, Falkirk, Scotland

A friend recommended I try a pulser from Mother Nature's Miracles after they heard of my labrynthitis. I had been suffering terribly for a few weeks. My doctor gave me tablets when I first visited, but upon my second visit they admitted they shouldn't have given them to me and that no tablets existed that would get rid of the infection. I just had to let it” sort itself out”, great advice when the floor keeps disappearing under your feet with severe dizziness. I did some research first and learned of the benefits and history of zappers. At this point in time I was getting desperate for relief, willing to try anything....and how glad I am that I decided to go for a pulser.


Within 2 days the difference was incredible, it hadn’t 100% gone, but compared to losing the floor every time I walked around without fail, to it only happening a little every few hours was incredible. I couldn't quite believe it. Every night without fail it’s attached to the sole of my foot overnight. 2 weeks on now and the floor doesn't disappear anymore at all. I still have a few shaky moments but it’s only every few days, and certain things trigger it. Even now the more I wear the pulser, the milder the effects when it is triggered. Absolutely love the pulser, highly recommended. I was very sceptical at the beginning but I am delighted I found something that has healed my labrynthitis, a serious health issue that can last for many months and sometimes even longer. I am so grateful, and I have no doubt the pulser will help me many times with other health problems I may encounter.


Carly Mills, Andover, England


"I had been suffering with a bad cough for almost 5 months, quite often I’d go into a coughing fit and could not control it. At one point I was up during night and had what felt like a fit of some kind and I very almost couldn’t breathe. It felt like my throat was closing up.. After three trips to the docs, nothing they prescribed helped and with no answer I then found out about Mother Nature's Miracles. He told me about a pulser device they have, and at first I was unsure but I was desperate to find something that would really help shift my cough. With hand on heart I swear using the small pulser machine for just two days my cough gradually faded away and has not came back since (now one month on). Also my sinuses which had been blocked for months too were clear within just half an hour of first using it! I had read blogs on the net about people with the same long term symptoms as me , and just wish they could try it for themselves. I let my friend borrow the pulser since they had a really bad neck pain , most likely caused by stress. She wore it for a couple of days and it did relieve her of the pain and is a lot better now.... I think going to the docs and getting palmed off with drugs etc. is not often the answer!!!I can’t thank Mother Nature's MIracles enough, please keep on spreading the word about these amazing pulsers!!"


Michael Mathieson, Bathgate, Scotland


"I recently got hold of one of Mother Nature's Miracles Pulsers and was impressed by the neat and well constructed box full of interesting insides of crystals wrapped around wire's and wire mobius coils as well as a piece of Orgonite material. I started 'pulsing' around my ankle and then found out that the pulser could be placed inside a sock which pressed the terminals into the base of the foot, and worn at night during sleep. Not at all uncomfortable but quite the opposite, a gentle comforting tingle pulsing and helping to lull one into a peaceful night of sleep.

I've had great results, not least of which I don't worry when around people with colds which I seemed to have the tendency to catch as soon as just looking at a runny nose or being sneezed around. Pulsed away! Also seem to have much more energy. I guess My energy resources aren't being hijacked by keeping blood born parasites alive. Pulsed away! I also have a skin condition rash, which I've had for years and have tried all sorts of conventional creams, which has reduced in size significantly; well on its way to being completely pulsed away! I'm very impressed by these pulsers and look forward to pulsing  at night. No more colds, more energy, rashes disappearing, brilliant. I strongly recommend the most skeptical person to try this and find out for themselves the health benefits it gives. Thanks SO much Mother Nature's Miracles!"


Mark Sargent, England, UK


"My partner got his zapper to try to rid himself of his horrible cough that he had for months on end. I was amazed when using the orgone pulser got rid of it in just one day and wondered if it could help my problem out. I had been suffering neurlagia which was causing me severe neck pain, and a lot of stress. I found that through use of the the pulser the pain went away quickly, especially when used right on my neck. I am delighted to say the neuraligia has gone now and I feel great. I am very sure our pulser will be very useful for many problems in future, so happy we found out about them!"


Gail Friel, Bathgate, Scotland


"Before using my Pulser I was often feeling very tired and fatigued. I had tried a lot of different remedies, and as you can imagine all these so called remedies cost quite a lot of money. I tried the Orgone Pulser out and after just a few days I felt a very positive difference. By far the best money I have spent so far to improve my energy levels. I had a bit of a deotx with it (runny nose etc.) but that let me know it was doing what it was supposed to. Now I feel my body is energised and cleansed and when I don't feel 100% or feel a bug starting pulsing away. I am very happy that I have found the best investment for my health"


Lynda Buckle, Scotland


Having bought the Pulser I wore it almost constantly for 3 weeks as suggested. After that time I took it off for a few days and noticed that my gums were sore and inflamed and realised that this was an issue I had that had entirely gone away and I hadn't noticed! For many years now I've suffered from periodontitis which is extremely difficult to treat as bacteria gets in between the gum and the tooth and results in severe inflammation. I put the pulser back in place to see if this is what had made the difference and sure enough the pain and inflammation went away again! I tried this a few times, off and then on and I was left in no doubt that the pulser was making the difference. I found it amazing because bacteria under the gum is very hard for antibiotics to reach so I was delighted to find a way to keep this infection at bay. I've even saved a tooth which was so inflamed my dentist wanted to remove it. So now I have happy smiles thanks to my little pulser.


Anne Close, Glasgow, Scotland


I bought a pulser several months ago but have not got round to using it as I was too busy lending it to people who had a health concern. The first was my friend and colleague who had been diagnosed with a very serious illness which had spread to her ovaries and uterus. She wanted to heal naturally without conventional treatments so was happy to try the pulser as I suggested. After three months she went back to the doctor and was advised her illness had completely gone from her ovaries and uterus and only a trace remained in her cervix. She was delighted and so was I. Remarkable results in such a short space of time. I have been using it at night for almost two weeks now and I have never slept so deeply. Even at weekends I was awake at 6am latest and could NOT have a lie in! This morning was a Sunday and I awoke at 9.30am! I feel so much better recently, and I have to say that my mood has lifted considerably and I'm a lot clearer in my mind where a lot of fog was lingering! I have ordered one for each of my family; my son who has acne, my daughter and husband for their sleeping difficulties. Very interested to see the results - this is one piece of incredible healing equipment I will NEVER be without.


Dawn Livingston, California, USA

Thanks very much Mother Nature's Miracles! I'm finding that the orgone products you sent me have a neutralising force associated with them, I can surely feel it when I'm near the computer, they give off a very restful feeling!


Santos Bonacci, Musician & Researcher / Lecturer, Australia - www.universaltruthschool.com


Just wanted you to know that I’ve received the orgone pendants, and we’re all wearing them!! Even my skeptical husband! He even said he felt it energized him!! Wow! :-) I’ll be ordering some of your orgone mobile phone protectors at the end of the month.Until then, thanks and stay wonderful!


Linn, Norway



I was introduced to orgone healing tools by Mother Nature's Miracles a while ago. What a wonderful invention; my wellbeing was remarkably transformed within days. I had suffered depression (low mood) for about ten years and it was suggested I tried placing several pieces of orgonite around my home and to keep one on my person at all times. Best thing I have ever tried; my mood was raised sky high! I have more energy, sleep better, and have the energy to meet the day ahead, whatever it may throw at me. So this review is to endorse orgone healing tools, and acclaim their potential as a very good health and well being provider. Conventional medicine did not work too well for me, and caused other serious very upsetting side issues. I was amazed to find something so inexpensive and unusual help me turn things round once and for all. 


William Marhsall, Armadale, West Lothian


Hi,  I just wanted to let you know about the positive effect the orgone pieces are having on my home and on my family. My teenage children are calmer, happier and they are having less mood swings. Their school work and concentration has drastically improved it has been remarkable :) I put 1-2 pieces on every window sill in the house and the positive effects have been amazing :))

Thanks very much indeed!


Lorna Crawley, Scotland


I have had an orgone healing tool from Mother Nature's Miracles sitting by my bed for a week now and the sleep benefits I have experienced are amazing. I have even slept in for the school run with the kids which pretty much never happened before! As I like to "test" everything people tell me about, I moved the orgonite out of the bedroom for 2 of the nights in the week. Those 2 nights I had the worst poor sleep like before and woke in the mornings feeling very tired. Orgone tools have been a great benefit and I will highly recommend Mother Nature's Miracles  and their healing products to everyone


Collette Wilson, Scotland


I bought two orgone healing devices from Mother Nature's Miracles. One is attached to my mobile phone and the other I use in various places throughout the house. The difference they have made is fantastic. No longer do I experience that 'red, hot, ear' feeling whilst using my mobile phone and the increase the orgone devices make to my energy levels is amazing, not to mention the improvement in my sleeping pattern. I also bought one of the Magnalinx bracelets which are very powerful indeed. I have tried other magnetic bracelets in the past but these are far superior and MUCH more effective than any others I have tried. They are so adaptable as well and I somtimes use the extra rod magnets to wear as a ring. I would definitely recommend these products and doing business with such a genuine, honest company is a rare bonus!


Jayne Rooney, Scotland


On the 15th of May 2013 I received a parcel containing two large Orgone flat topped Pyramids and twelve double sized discs. I took the advice given on the best places to position the pieces around our home to better cope with the negative effects of multiple computers and mobiles connected to wi-fi. The aim was also to help remove long standing negative relationship behaviours. I was very frustrated due to house jobs which I couldn't manage myself which were ignored by my partner who didn't even appear to ever notice them.


I was prepared to observe the outcome with an open mind either way, but almost immediately saw and felt different positive effects.


• A pleasant light tingling sensation in my hand and arm when the first handled disc was positioned at the side of my  keyboard nearby my wi-fi unit. 

• An increase in intimacy and libido quickly became apparent between my partner and I.

• I felt a sense of calm and patience during discussions which usually result in arguments

• I noticed that I only shouted twice in the first week when I was usually letting fly all day!


• Our living room curtains and rail fell down! I had an orgonite Pyramid directly beneath the window. These had been a source of distress to me for three years as they didn't hang correctly, were a pain to open and close and I felt (subconsciously) blocking a positive flow of energy. Repaired and rehung by my partner! Perfect!


• Many of the house maintenance tasks which have waited for years were tackled without any prompting at all from me, including the windows being cleaned for the first time in three years. My partner began noticing things for the first time i.e. mentioning how bad things must look like to passers by.


• I also noticed a healthy increase in motivation for my business, I was stuck in a rut before.


At first I wondered about the placebo effect, was I only seeing the changes I hoped for. However within a few days I had to conclude there was a definite shift in the way our lives were being experienced together and the Orgone devices around our home were certainly playing a very big part! Another interesting aspect was that the orgone devices around my home were there entirely without the knowledge of my partner, and deep positive changes took place within him very quickly. What a rewarding and wonderful experiment, I'd recommend this to everyone.


Many Thanks Mother Nature's Miracles!


Pamela Carr, Durham, England



I bought one of Mother Nature's Miracles orgone pieces at the Perspectives event in Glasgow yesterday, along with a great book on Earthing and thought I'd share my experience. I was sitting reading, with the orgone piece positioned at my pelvic bones ...and feet flat on floor with intention that I connected with the heart of the earth. I became aware of strong waves of energy flowing over me. Wasn’t sure if it was the connection to the earth (which I do regularly through healing work) or the orgone. I removed the orgone and the waves continued but less strong. I then added the orgone back in, and the waves of energy strengthened again. I also slept with the orgone under my pillow last night. Today my pain levels were less, especially my back pain - and I also have more energy. I will be sleeping with it under my pillow again tonight! Delighted!


Hazel Borland, Glasgow, Scotland


Before I had heard of or tried orgoneI smoked cigarettes, and had bad habits like laziness, eating too much and sleeping too much. I knew that I had to change and had found out before that change for good is a big challenge. I found something that really helped a lot..orgone pieces.I bought an orgone pendant and an orgone piece designed for my mobile phone, and also some larger pieces to place in my home and in my car. It works fantastic! I don't have any headaches even after long conversations using my mobile phone, and I easily changed my bad habits since the pendant and other pieces of orgone were around me;


a) I gave up smoking cigarettes b) I did not need to sleep other than at night and just for 7 hours and my diet became much more healthy and  I did not eat too much c) I started to do exercises: gym and swim (body), meditation (mind) (d) I decided to move out of the room I was renting since I realised the others living in the house were bringing me down with their bad habits. I am now much happier and content with my life and while I don't always strongly feel the effect of orgone by my senses, I feel I have been transformed in a very positive way and my state of mind and life plan are now far better. I recommend orgone to everyone now and often suggest people try it out.


Wojtek Wziatek, Falkirk, Scotland


I first decided to try some orgone out of curiosity since I had heard a lot of good reports from other people I had met in my role as a clinical hypnotherapist. After deciding to try a few different types of orgione, I was pleased to find myself experiencing very similar effects to those of my peers. The small piece of orgone for my phone, the minishield, was the 1st type I made use of, and I was pleased to find even during long calls the headaches I would normally develop failed to materialise. My job often leads to the necessity for long calls so this is a god send in itself. Another piece designed to be placed next to a PC/Laptop and/or wi-fi unit was placed nearby my office computer setup, and I quickly noticed feeling more energised than usual, and a pleasant “light” and very positive feeling came about me. The other more smooth piece I carry around with me seems to do the same thing for me when I am out and about, and I find it very calming to hold.


It got me curious enough to research the history of orgone energy with its’ discoverer Wilhem Reich, on to the more recent improvements that led to the development of orgone devices. Fascinating stuff, and I’m very glad to be aware of such a positive thing! Essentially, it seems what is known as Chi or Prana is collected and harvested by orgone and can be felt by many, and should it be nearby a source of negative energy it converts it to positive Chi or Prana. I am now curious to find out more about the widely reported positive environmental impact that orgone devices can have when “gifted” and am considering setting up my own orgone cloud buster in my garden. The amazing benefits of orgonite are still being discovered. In a world where so much negative energy pollutes our physical and mental environment, orgone devices are a wonderful counterbalance which can give you peace of mind and better health. Everyone should be improving their life with orgone devices.


Tom Ryan, Co. Dublin, Ireland, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (www.totalminddynamics.com)


I purchased an orgone pendant a few months ago. Initially I could sense a calming energy from it and after a few weeks of wearing it daily I was much more balanced. I didn't wear it for a while and notices I was starting to get a bit stressed at work so put it back on again; within a week or two I felt much better. Beautiful energy from the pendant, I love it.


Dawn Livingston, California, USA






After trying out an orgone pendant and loving it, I then decided to help out the energies in my home and neighborhood and went for an orgone cloudbuster which I have had for a few months now. Initially, before finishing with the copper pipes and placing it outside, it sat in my kitchen which is immediately under my bedroom. For a few nights I had the most amazing dreams and deep, deep sleep. I almost didn't want to put it outside! We have some really heavy airplane spray days here unfortunately, and almost immediately they started to disperse above me. It's strange to describe but it's a case of one minute it's there and the next it's gone. I'm not complaining at all, what a truly wonderful device, we certainly need more of these out there!


Dawn Livingston, California, USA

I discovered Orgone about a year ago and was really impressed by its results emotionally on those at home and at work where I placed the orgone device, so I decided to get a Chembuster to clean up the skies round my town from Geoengineering spraying i.e. Chemtrails. I was a little skeptical as to what it could do but I haven't seen the trails/chemclouds really lingering after spraying in the last two months. At first I thought maybe the spraying had eased off but as it started on a few clear days I could clearly see the trails breaking up instead of turning into clouds like they used to. Outside the town chemtrails seem to linger in the distance still. I also placed small  orgone devices in the ground nearby local mobile phone masts which allows the Chembuster to have further reach. This definitely does work, please get one and clean up your local air from harmful chemicals, and reduce harm from unwanted EMFs.

 Fintan Mc Donald, Ireland

"I had a problem with low blood pressure and often had very cold hands until I bought two magnetic bracelets, one for each wrist. Now I feel well, my problem with cold hands has gone, I have more energy, less stress at my job and I sleep better when I wear them. I am very happy with them."


Votjek, Falkirk, Scotland


"I’m one of those people who’re generally health-conscious and keen to try anything new that might enhance my well-being, but disappointingly, I never seem to get immediate dramatic results. I thought the magnetic bracelet from Mark would be no different, since I’d tried more expensive versions in the past, but I knew they worked for me on a subtle level, and at the price, I felt it was worth a go.

I put my bracelet on as soon as I got it, at about 4.30 pm. I kept it on, and I woke up nearly two hours earlier than usual the next morning. More than that, I was alert and energetic. That’s significant because I had spent the past few years recovering from quite a severe chronic illness, which had left a legacy of lethargy, and it had been taking me a long time to get going in the mornings.

I’ve been wearing the bracelet for a month now and the benefits have lasted. I feel that I have my life back – I can do so much more in a day without running out of energy. I can’t describe how good that feels after all this time.

The week before I got my bracelet, my husband started a new job abroad. It’s physically demanding and I thought a bracelet might help him, so I sent one to him. He had been having trouble with back pain, but within twenty-four hours of wearing his bracelet, he found he was able to touch his toes again, without effort or pain.

We were both so impressed and delighted that we bought a bracelet for my mum, who is in her late seventies and has arthritis. Her experience has been less dramatic, but she has felt an improvement and she doesn’t want to be without her bracelet now.

Even if the bracelets had no effect on the body, they would be worth buying as jewellery. We all really like the look of them and we definitely like what they are doing for our wellbeing.
Thank you Mother Nature's Miracles, you’ve made a huge impact on this family’s health. I’m sure everybody would feel better with one of these magical bracelets!"


Cheryl Brown, Scotland


"I was suffering from extremely poor sleep and insomnia and also a long term shoulder injury when I received my magnetic bracelet from Mother Nature's Miracles. Within 2 nights my sleep had vastly improved and I was noticing a marked difference in my shoulder pain. I accidentally lost my bracelet several weeks ago and found my sleep patterns became erratic once more. As soon as I ordered a new one they were back to normal again. Thankfully I found my lost bracelet in the house and I now wear one on each wrist most days and nights. My restless sleep is much improved and my arthritis pain much less. These bracelets are really excellent & highly recommended."


Lynn Cunnington, Glasgow


"My name is Eddie and after a serious accident I have had problems with my knee and the right side of my body. Recently I had been suffering badly for around 8 weeks with constant swelling in my knee and the pain would not go away even with powerful pain killers. A friend recommended Mother Nature's Miracles and they recommended a pair of their powerful magnetic healing discs. I placed one disc at one side of my knee, and the other discs at the other side and kept them in place for a full day and overnight. The results were amazing to say the least. The pain in my knee was almost fully calmed plus the swelling had disappeared. The best thing is they are not expensive and can be used anywhere on the body where there is pain for many years to come. They are a great investment and I think everyone should have a pair in their first aid kit"


Eddie, West Lothian, Scotland






I'm pretty sensitive to the negative effect tap water has on my taste buds, and also how it makes me feel, so I have been drinking bottled water, and also collecting spring water from local wells for the last couple of years. I have also tried a few of the top of the range water filters, but this one from EVA is without a doubt the cleanest water I have tasted. It's comparable to the lovely healing water at St Ronan's well in Innerleithen, which is very pure and refreshing. I was a bit concerned that I might still taste chlorine from the tap water - as I have done with other filters, but I can taste no impurities at all. The water not only tastes clean, but I also find myself wanting to drink more and more of it than I ever did with bottled or spring water. I'm really happy I found this great filter!

Amanda Kay, Roslin, Scotland, Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

"My earthing band is really good, and I was very interested in the science behind how it works. I read some of Clint Obers earthing book and was amazed at how healthy earthing can be for many different health issues. I sleep much better than before, wake up more fresh, full of energy and I don't have a runny nose in morning which I often had before. Now I am going to try the grounding mat which you can use next to your computer to protect from EMF and also use it for many other body parts, especially my bare feet. I think this is a great way to stay healthy with almost no effort at all! The devices also work forever without wearing out, that is an amazing benefit too."


Wojtek, Falkirk, Scotland


"I absolutely love my earthing band! I always enjoy walking barefoot in the summer whenever possible and I'm well aware of the benefits of being connected to the earth, so I was so excited to eventually get some grounding equipment for indoors. As I was not fable to afford the grounding sheet (which looks great!) I bought a grounding band instead. I am delighted to report that it's made sleeping even more of a comfort than ever before. I noticed the first night I wore it that I slept very soundly and I was unaware of waking up during the night at all. I thought maybe I was having a good night by chance and it was unrelated to the band but every night since then I have wore my band and had a sound sleep.


Also, I just realised that I frequently woke up in the morning with a sore shoulder - maybe lying in an awkward position or whatever, but since grounding I've had no pain at all! Another use I have for the band is to place on my arm when I'm on the computer, which stops me from feeling tingling in my hands - I always get tingling without the band. I am very excited about earthing indoors now and so happy to have found these products! Also, check out some of the videos on You Tube about earthing, they are well worth watching. You can see cyclists in the Tour De France heal their bodies after injuries in record time due to wearing their grounding equipment. Brilliant stuff!"


Amanda Kay, Roslin, Scotland, Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist


I found Mother Nature's Miracles hempseeds to be very fresh tasting. They make a great high protein snack and are also good in smoothies and desserts. And in summer, they're very nice in frozen berry/banana shakes as well!

Anabrese, Clydebank

General testimonials - products and overall service


A number of weeks ago I received a package which would literally change my world...
Within this life enhancing parcel was a number of items, namely several tower buster Orgone devices, a couple of  orgone mobile phone protectors and the items which excited me most, 2 tensor bracelets with rather magical properties.

So at the time I were really run down, low in energy, borderline depressive.. A number of events had gone on in life which really had left me feeling weak, down and almost out. I had little ability to focus, no strength to even go about dealing with business in hand at the time; there was difficulty in communicating and every little thing that went on was feeling like a weight was being added to my shoulders along with that of my world. For many years I have explored the world of human growth and personal development, learned many techniques and developed many tools to help in such situations, but due to the fact I had neglected these gifts and had not been implementing them, this only made me feel worse and I genuinely were at my wits end as to what to do...

Coming to know Mother Nature's Miracles through a number of avenues and having many mutual friends, I were aware of what they were all about, but I had no idea how true the opening statement on the site was... “
Our sole focus at Mr Mother Nature's Miracles is boosting your well-being and overall health.

Having spoken with them a number of times, we have had some pretty “far-out” conversations and we have a mutual respect for one and others knowledge; so when I were told about some of the powerful yet humble technologies that were  to be implemented, I was truly feeling a touch more optimistic! The universe had presented something wonderful to me that had to be gratefully accepted and embraced. For this testimonial however I will spare you the scientific and technological information and get to the real case at hand here... Did these goodies make a difference!?

That morning the package arrived, I remember a rather chipper postman (if only he knew why!) and preparations were underway for an interview I were to attend, I straight away felt a positive vibe in as I accepted the parcel!! I immediately opened the parcel and found what I were hoping for...

Something that would boost my well being and overall health enough for me to get myself in to a more productive and resourceful state, and this is exactly what proceeded to happen!

I placed the Orgone devices around the house, at all the recommended points such as next to the Wi-Fi internet modem and router, corners of my room and next to the computer, the  orgone mobile phone protector was immediately fixed into place and then came the bracelets.. Oh my goodness!! As soon as I placed them on my arms I felt a surge of energy all around me, knowing full well what was going on in regards to my personal energy field this was INTENSE, and in a very good way! I put a couple of orgone devices in my backpack and in my pockets and then proceeded to go for the interview.

Instead of the feared state of negativity and lack of energy, what I experienced was a chirpy bounce in my step, a clearing of the mind and a much missed zest in my being, in all honest I cannot attribute anything specific to particular items, I were one supercharged guy due to the amount of orgone energy alongside the tensor bracelets!! The interview went amazingly, i got everything I needed to say said, and had a remarkable interaction with the company director who was enjoying interviewing me. Within 45 minutes of leaving the building I received a phone call inviting me back for a final stage interview! I could hardly believe it after having 3 weeks of rather negative experiences and being so run down only the day before!!

I remember coming home and unloading my pack and taking off the bracelets so that I could freshen up. I left everything on the side and went about my business, but felt a noticeable difference, I was clearly still naturally run down and this only convinced me further of the potency of the items. Over the following few days I carried everything everywhere with me, feeling great and getting stuff done that really needed to be addressed. Once this was done and a more positive state was achieved in life, my personal circumstances and self started to recover and my natural bounce and enthusiasm returned to me.

Since then I have continued to embrace the orgone devices and place it over my chakra points when laying down to relax, or I surround myself in a circle of these amazing blocks of conversion whilst I read or meditate, I find it offers an enhanced focus and raised energy level. I absolutely love this stuff and have continued to look further and further into it.

As for the Tensor Bracelets, all I can say is that I never want to be without them, every time I put them on I can feel a vibrant field around my arms, a surge of energy and an added confidence to take on more challenging tasks on my agenda. They truly are unfathomably tremendous; well it’s not, it’s actually very specific science and technology which work exactly how the theory behind them would suggest, but between you and I, it is a little bit magical too ;)

I cannot thank Mother Nature's Miracles enough for their assistance in providing me with these amazing tools that helped me surpass a very challenging time, even though I do know many wonderful things and have the ability to help others change their lives for the better; when it came to leaving myself short on attention and focus from giving out too much energy, MOther Nature's Miracles certainly pulled the proverbial rabbit of the hat!!

Unreserved enthusiastic testimony goes to Mother Nature's Miracles and the products he offers, thank you with all my heart!! For anyone who is looking to enhance, clear and build their own energy levels, clarity of mind, inner-peace, and do the same for their loved ones in the home environment, please, do yourself a favour and speak directly to Mother Nature's Miracles, they are truly knowledgeable with pure hearts. A rare find is this rather upside down world. I knowthey will do all they can to recommend the right path for you and will do so with honesty and integrity, as they did for me.
Mother Nature's Miracles is now a favourite resource for anything to do with improving energy in and around my life. THANK YOU!!!!

Michael James
(NLP & Harmonic Response Coach)





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