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Our sole focus here at Mother Nature's Miracles is boosting your well-being and overall health, naturally, safely & effectively. We use all of the solutions we recommend and have over 25 years experience in the nautral health and wellbeing industry. We offer a mixture of cutting edge products and services to allow your body to do what it was designed to do, heal itself!


We aim to take our clients to new heights of wellness and  ramp up their frequency to a higher vibration. We only promote products that have been of great benefit to ourselves, alongside many satisfied individuals we've been able to help heal.  Amazing testimonials are often being received and are displayed in our testimonials section. Thank you for visiting our website.


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Our One to One Services, Available In Central Scotland (Or Via Telephone)

 We provide a wide range of health and wellness services


   Holistic Health Advice (Always free of charge)

You can call us on Freephone No. 0800 2300 699

       Reiki, Crystal & Orgone Energy Therapy


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Our Unique Specially Selected & Fully Tested Health Products



        * The worlds most powerful detox drops, ROOT "Clean Slate" 


      (ROOT Clean Slate will allow you to safely remove heavy metals, toxins,  radioactive partilces etc. which are often the root cause of disease)


Heartwarming testimonials are being received and results are often fast!



     The worlds best "neotropic" mental well-being capsule, ROOT "Zero In"


  Boost your dopamine & seratonin levels within minutes for hours on end

  Increase your melatonin levels when you decide it is time to rest or sleep


     The worlds best nano concentrated nutritional gel, ROOT "Restore"


     A dozen plus amazing ingredients including Black Seed Oil 

     (Black Seed oil has a similar effect on the body as Ivermectin)


      Fully Bioavailable Full Spectrum Plant Derived Fulvic Minerals


     (Easy supply of all of the minerals your body and mind require to function optimally, including trace and rare earth minerals - which are chronically missing from modern diets)


   The formula is simple, "get the toxins OUT, and get real nutrition IN = optimal health)


  • Super Full Spectrum Amino Acids For Cell Regeneration (perfect for healing skin etc)
  • Frequency Healing Services for Humans, Pets & Horses (via referral to an expert)
  • Mobile phone & wireless device EMF protectors (reduce brain fog and EMF effects)
  •  Highly Effective Healing Devices - 9V Orgone "Pulsers" (great for killing parasites)
  •  An Extensive Range of Great Orgone Energy Products (boost your energy field)
  •  & Many Other Ground Breaking Items (We're Always On The Hunt!)


Please click on the box to view our full product range - We hope you'll enjoy browsing! We like to think we have something for everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

 Free UK Shipping for specific product orders where stated. Please note that some items may require a little time to manufacture, and some items may also be shipped directly from our suppliers. Please call or email us to find out about availability and postage details for your specific requirements. All our shipping costs are at cost price and not for profit!

We realise the more afforable our prices are the more people we can help!