What can we tell you about Mother Nature's Miracles in summary? For over two decades we've had a great passion to learn as much as possible about so called "alternative" healing methods. It has been a fascinating journey. We are pleased to be able to advise you on which natural solutions (or energy healing tools or devices) may best help your own specific needs. We can also point you in the direction of extremely interesting and revealing research, some of which is touched upon in the M.N.M. website. Please feel free to call us. We are always happy to help no matter what issues you may be facing, physical, spiritual or mental. No charges are made for this since we feel it is only right to put people before profit. We have often found that much of the advice that people need to get well is free and relatvely easy to apply to their everyday lives. 1 day at a time.

We have always enjoyed giving and receiving Reiki and have found it to be a very empowering part of our spiritual journey. Now qualified to Reiki 3, Master Level we are pleased to be able to offer Reiki Sessions for very affordable prices in one of two built for purpose comfortable locations in Central Bathgate, West Lothian. We can also encorporate other types of healing during and after the session including crystal therapy, orgone therapy, tesla plate healing, pyramid healing and tensor ring healing using our own healing tools. If you are local to Central Scotland, please drop us a line to enquire about our availability and our special pricing.

After finding magnetic therapy extremely beneficial ourselves we are pleased to have a huge collection of magnetic healing devices of all kinds which can bring many different benefits including; brightened mood, improved sleep, a boost in overall energy, faster healing time for injuries and fast pain relief. We offer healing sessions using magnetic therapy, and all of the devices used can be purchased at great prices for personal use time and time again.

In our testimonials section you will find many excellent testimonials about the use of orgone devices to help heal people mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We find their positive effect to be very profound and now have a large collection of orgone healing tools. The devices are used passively and are placed nearby areas that require healing. We highly recommend trying an uplifiting orgone healing session. Even better, why not buy your own? To quote Don Croft (RIP) the inventor of modern orgone devices (that now contain various crystals) "How much happiness can you stand?" :-)