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Experience amazing, detoxification from ROOT clean slate, the worlds best and most effective zeolite drops. Try ROOT Zero in to experience amazing levels of energy alongside boosted clarity of thought & calmness. Both of them together = 100% a new you!

We are excted to stock fantastic "orgone pulsers" which combine 100% safe and effective 'electro-medicine' alongside beneficial orgone energy. Since trying out a very basic model several years ago we have found orgone pulsers to be invaluable healing tools. No colds or infections we have caught have survived for any length of time after "pulsing." Our customers are reporting the same profound effects. (Check out our testimonials section to find out) They often have amazing effects on other illnesses, and bring great health to those who use them frequently. You will find a great interview with their inventor in our educational videos section.

We feel very blessed  to have found an amazing source of fully bioavailable plant derived minerals. These have profound effects on energy levels, mental calirity and overall health. Minerals are vital for optimal health, and since our soils are dangerously depleted of minerals, our food is in turn severely lacking in minerals. This is  due to unwise farming methods,acid rain, wind erosion etc. The natural plant based minerals we source are highly affordable and extremely effective, we just can't stop raving about them! Click on the image to find out more!

Intelligent Energetics have developed a range of life changing, state of the art technologies. They provide highly effective and affordable solutions to the commonplace issues of modern life and increase your vitality and overall wellbeing. Their unique range of products have been tried and tested by tens of thousands of people in well over 40 countries worldwide. The world’s most incredible inventor Nikola Tesla stated;

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

"Intelligent Energetics", refers to the intelligent movement of energy from the quantum level to the cosmos. This perfectly describes their energetic technologies, which work on a quantum level to rebalance your bioenergy field and bring you and your loved ones / pets back to a happy equilibrium.

You’ll notice that each of their products are supported by scores of amazing written and video testimonials from real customers worldwide. We invite you to take a good look around their website product pages, testimonials, and also be sure to check out the science behind the magic they manifest.

You will extremely affordable devices to (1.) Balance chakras & meridians (2.) Allow easy meditation, reduce anxiety & improve sleep (3.) Impove the energy and taste of foods and drinks (4.) Protect you and your loved ones from harmful EMFs emmitted from mobile devices (5.) Help heal your pets & horses (6.) Boost your immune system (7.) Detox safely and effectively using micronised chlorella

They are so confident in their products and their effectiveness that they proudly offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on every product they sell. An amazing and 100% free business opportunity is also available. All the best bits of MLM minus ALL of the hassle! You can buy the products and sign up to the affilaite opportuntiy  alongside us via 

(Should you wish to become an affilaite in the free business opportunity we promise to give you our undivided attention. We pledge to provide many forms of help, inclduing direct access to the founders and inventors if this is required. We also plan to create business materials which will be shared)

You can find out more information and our own personal perspective of these tremedous products by clicking the Intelligent Energetics Logo above. You can also find out more about teaming up with us for the worldwide free opportunity. We will be with you every step of the way to help you help others!

Easily the best healing devices we have ever tested (amongst literally hundreds of others, many of which are outstanding too) These life force energy / chi / prana producing devices are a must have and are at last affordable to buy. They interact with skin contact / water / air / light to produce a beautiful energising and harmonising energy. Previously the pendants and large discs were $600 each!  They are available now for literally TWENTY times less than their original RRP! 

After first hearing about orgone energy and orgonite devices several years ago we have been careful to source only the finest items available from numerous trusted suppliers worldwide. Being 'energy sensitive' ourselves we carefully test for devices that work profoundly well, and leave aside anything with energies which are too subtle. Orgone devices bring balance and positive energies to living beings and can be used for personal, home and even environmental healing. Purchases from our site help fund environmental healing using "gifted" orgonite devices around central Scotland. Please consider doing the same for your locality.

A great way to always have positive orgone energy around you for protection and uplifting effects is to wear an orgone pendant. We have a great selection of attractive and effective orgone pendants sourced from various international suppliers. In this section you will also find fantastic orgone protector devices designed especially for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, DECT phones and other wireless devices. They're very affordable and vitally important for protecting you from harmful unnatural frequencies (which are unfortunately all around us)

Taking things to a whole new level these amazing canon ball sized orgone devices are able to positively effect your local environment for miles in every direction! When additional copper piping is attached to the included connectors they act like aerials sending positive orgone energy out to your whole neighbourhood and beyond. We have sourced excellent Cloud Buster suppliers, and have found our own Cloud Busters to be very powerful and effective. Results are often visible in our local skies for miles around. We are very keen to get more Cloud Busters out there to help their amazing healing frequencies spread out worldwide!

Having always found great positive effects from magnetic healing devices for the last two decades, we are delighted to stock some of the worlds' best magnetic therapy products. Ranging from full magnetic mattress pads to ultra strong magnetic bracelets to self desgined and manufactured healing discs, there's something for everyone here. (Please check out our video section for an amazing TV clip on the proven efficacy of magnetitc therapy plus a great short article in our articles section) Click on the image to view our ever explanding range.

The Earth is an omnipresent source of infinite natural healing energy. The ground beneath us is more than something inert and inactive that we simply stand on unaffected. Maintaining contact with the Earth with bare skin has been scientifically proven to provide instant floods of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging electrons to your body. They can rebalance your hormones, and your sleep cycles. They have been proven to help heal injuries, recovery from exercise faster and provide fast pain relief. Indoor earthing devices are simple to use, and offer the same amazing benefits. We provide conductive sheets, pads, and bands connected via a wire to the earth using an outdoor rod or via the large copper grounding rod in your home. Using these devices is equivalent to walking barefoot on the earth itself. (Please check out our video and article section for more in depth information) Click on the earthing image to view our great range of earthing products. We use them ourselves, day and night!

Officially available in the UK, we are proud to promote what we consider to be truly a wonderful adaptogenic supplement taking the US and other countries by storm. The product name is "Amino Boosters" and it contains all the amino acids your body needs. This uniquely allows your body to regenerate your cells, often leading to dramatic improvements in health. It has been clinically proven to boost and balance seratonin levels, making people feel balanced and happy, plus it has been proven to reduce cortisol, and reduce stress levels. Other benefits include increased strength and recovery time from exercise. You can order by clicking on the supplements image and you can find out more information at our official affiliate link using the link below. Please note note that the Amino Boosters product gives incredible value for money over alternatives such as laminine (which only provides around 200mg of the main active ingredient and just 30 capsules for £30) Amino Boosters contains 400mg per capsule and 120 capsules per tub for around £45. You are therefore getting a full clinical dose and results can be truly amazing, fast! An entirely free affilaite / business opportunity is also available

Hemp Hearts are the “hearts” of shelled hemp seeds. They are comparable in size and consistency to chopped sesame seeds and are absolutely delicious on their own, on salads and in many recipes. They have virtually the highest concentrated balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes than any other foodstuff.  They are, in essence, a genuine "super food" and the benefits for battling many different health conditons are amazing! When used for weight loss along with a vegetable based diet the results are often fast and life changing.

The best source of Vitamin B17, AKA nitrilosides, apricot seeds. (an important nutrient very lacking in modern Western diets) These organic bitter apricot kernels come in a large 950g resealable bag. These are of the highest quality and have a strong taste, very Fresh, and no broken kernels inside. These are sourced in Turkey and are certified organic by the UK Soil Association, and they last at least one year from purchase if kept in the freezer.

With many different water filters on the market, we are delighted to be able to provide wonderfully clean and healthy water without breaking your bank balance. This applies to the cost of the unit and the price of the replacement filters. These "Epic Water Filters"  filters remove all impurities and bacteria, down to a "nano" size and essentially turn your tap water into the equivalent of spring water. We really love ours and drink much more water!