Free Spirit Healing Machine, amazing healing in person & remotely

Free spirit Terrehertz frequency healing device with multiple powerful additional energies permanently imprinted including; Bio disc energy, Analemma wand full spectrum light energy, quantum healing energy at 2200 on the Hawkins scale with multidimensinal protection and DNA and cell protection frequencies. PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) imprinted solfregio frequencies, anti negative energy / entity / spirit frequencies, and chakra balancing frequencies. Also permanenetly infused with pyramid healing energies via the amazing clinically proven PIMAT Radionics pattern. The plug is also infused with the same energies as the machine itself, allowing the positive healing energies to go in to the electrical wiring / grounding rod / ground of your home. 


Contains a powerful tereahertz chip plus several other advanced healing frequency chips built in. It also contains a powerful Built in ioniser. Ions have a very positive effect on mood boosting and have also been used in the past for machines which were made with the intention of removing and repelling transient negative entities.


The Free Spirit Healing Device utilizes both red and blue light therapy. The middle switch allows you to choose between the two lighting options. The lights are able to carry and physically project all of the embedded healing frequencies. When using the box, you also get the benefits of the frequecnies of three important trace elements. The mirror contains iron, zinc and iodine. The energetics of these minerals are transferred to you while using the device


A tensor ring is also embedded within the filter of the device which is able to transfer yet more healing energies and amplify the other healing effects even further.


The Free Spirit Healing Device is several times more effective vs traditional tereahertz wands. They are much quicker to use and have a stronger energy healing effect. Amazingly they can be used remotely to help heal others with their permission very effectively with just a five minute session. We have experimented with this over a dozen times recently with some truly profound healing and extremely positive feedback. If you would like to try this out, please get in touch.


With every purchase free help and advice about best practice machine usage and ongoing support will be given on an ongoing basis if needed plus instructions about remote usage.

One of these copper tensor rings is fitted in to every Free Spirit Healing Device. It is first polished and then energised to the max.


It is a super conductor that neutralizes magnetic fields.

It brings tranquility and stability to chaos, and very easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. 

                                        How do I use the device?

Simply switch the device on and choose your preferred mode with the micro switches which toggle which heat mode you want and which colour of light you prefer.


Point the device to any areas where you have issues you wish to heal. These can be physical issues, for example pain or a skin condition in a certain area or they can be blocked chakras or areas where your energies feel stagnated or heavy. 


We have found aiming at the following areas to be especially beneficial;


1. The main 7 chakras, spend a couple of minutes on each

2. The palms of the hand, your ears and the soles of your feet

(all of these areas act like a map representing other areas of your body)

3. Your eyes while closed plus your pineal gland (above the middle of your eyes)

4. Your belly button (which is connected to many other parts of the body

5. Your head, especially if you are experiencing headaches etc.

6. Breathing in the energies and the ions directly in to your lungs


In order to use it remotely please get in touch with us and we will explain how this works.

Technical Information


Power Usage: High Setting 550W, red light on side controls

Medium Setting 400W blue light on side controls

Cool Setting 90W white light on side controls

(cool setting is ideal for remote healing)

Fitted plug supplied is for the UK, however the plug can be opened up to reveal a Euro plug


Contains: Several Advanced Quantum Energy Chips, Terahertz Chip, Cool Fan, Warm Fan, Hot Fan, Red Light LED therapy, Blue Light LED therapy with added Tensor Ring within the filter.

Also contains a built in ioniser for air purification and a strong anti negative energy effect.


Comes with protective carry case

Comes with 3 x free MNM Energy Healing Trasfer Stickers


Originally these machines were being sold unmodified for large sums of money, over 1,000 dollars. Now they tend to be available for around 500 dollars. We are able to supply them to the UK including 1st class recorded delivery for just £250 including all of the modifications and improvements as listed above. The upgrade process takes 24 hours and various expensive devices, services worth 1000's are used. We can't reccomed these machines highly enough. Please get in touch to arrange payment via bank transfer or Paypal if you would like to receive one ASAP.