Your foundation for wellness starts by cleaning your internal polluted environment using ROOT "Clean Slate". The world's most effective Zeolite drops



ROOT CLEAN SLATE uses Zeolite, nature's best detoxifying mineral, in a proprietary patent-pending formulation to help wipe your cells clean of the toxins trying to take them over. It's your body's chance to oust the bad stuff and start afresh and get a "clean slate" Content: 1 oz.(30ml) bottle - contains 600 drops Serving: Take 5-10 drops orally twice a day morning and night


BODY BENEFITS DETOXIFICATION: Safely supports the removal of toxins from cells, body, and brain tissue - Decalcify your pineal gland safely and easily!


INFLAMMATION: Assists the reduction of negative inflammation by removing the root cause of the issues ABSORPTION: Supports the absorption of nutrients by the removal of toxins which may block nutrient binding sites

CleanSlate Darkfield analysis and live blood analysis with naturopath Caroline Mansfield


An amazing look at CleanSlate under magnification.  Caroline Mansfield reviews her live blood analysis using CleanSlate, the most advanced zeolite derived solution, as well as dark field microscope photos and videos of the CleanSlate fragments under magnification.


Clean Slate is extremely effective in cleasing and decalcifying the pineal gland. Users report getting better sleep and having much more vivid dreams alongside improved psychic abilities.

The Pineal Gland is the most sensitive organ within our endocrine system. It is extremely vulnerable to heavy metals, aluminum, and other toxins, in particular fluoride. Calcification is the most significant cause of Pineal Gland dysfunction and deactivation. Fluoride shuttles aluminum into the brain, where they accumulate together in the pineal gland. This leads to the formation of phosphate crystals in the gland itself.  As your Pineal Gland hardens due to this crystal production, less melatonin is produced, and the regulation of your sleep/wake cycle is disrupted. This crystallization also leads to a disconnection from your spiritual side and ‘self.’ 


Eliminating the fluoride and aluminum from your brain is essential to activating your Pineal Gland. When pineal gland functioning is impaired, it can result in a number of symptoms including fatigue, insomnia, depression, and other disorders.  Decalcifying the Pineal Gland is essential for physiological, physical, and mental health. 


The problem with our pineal gland is that it is not protected by the blood-brain barrier, which means it is very susceptible to toxins. Since it is responsible for the production of melatonin, it governs our circadian rhythms which are our body’s sleep and wake schedule. Since we need our pineal gland to regulate our body’s rhythms, we need to take care of it very well. 


Usually, the gland calcifies from years of exposure to pesticides, radiation, additives in food, chemicals found in processed foods, and other toxins in the environment. 


Decalcifying the Pineal Gland releases more melatonin which helps;


*   better sleep and improved behavior.  *   vivid dreams  • Improves eye health 

• Improves duration and quality of sleep • Reduces oxidative stress in the body 

• Helps the immune system • Protects the body from radiation  •  And much more..

Clean slate has been proven to have an extremely positive influence on the health of the blood which is often a very good indicator of the overall health of an individual. Look at the difference!

Clean Slate Information PDF
Learn more about Clean Slate, easily the safest and best detoxification product
(Customers are reporting positive changes with ONE DROP! 600 drops per bottle)
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Clean Slate Patented Ortho Silicic Acid Delivery System
Learn what makes clean slate unique and by far the most effective zeolite supplement
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All ROOT products are 100% banned substance free

Fully suitable for all amateaur & professional sports

Performance enhancing effects with ZERO risk at all

Improve your concentration and feel "in the zone"

Improve and fully maintain your energy levels

Increase your stamina and aim for all time bests!

100% Organic, Non GMO, Vegan & Gluten Free

New testimonials are being received from ROOT customers in over 60 Countries worldwide. Recently the Clean Slate formula has been further improved by the addition of trace and rare earth minerals and in some cases profound results and improvements are being seen after just a few drops per day for a week (roughly 600 drops per 30 ml bottle) The healing potential is enourmous and we are very excited to be involved in the ROOT community (very friendly and "high vibe")

Detailed Information & Testimonials for ROOT Clean Slate & Zero In
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Anticancer Effects of Micronized Zeolite[...]
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Clino Critical Review 2018 .pdf
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Get all of your cylinders firing at full force. Made with turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seed, and vitamin D. ROOT ZERO-IN will help lead you out from brain fog and into laser-sharp mental focus. It's the natural alternative to synthetic stimulants. Content: 60 vegan capsules Serving: Take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day. BODY BENEFITS: COGNITIVE FUNCTION: Helps support increased attention span and concentration levels through a natural, proprietary brain formula MENTAL ACUITY: Aids healthy brain function and focus while improving the delivery of oxygen to cells Up to 2 capsules daily increase dopamine levels up to 14 hours

Zero In Information
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Our ROOT referral code is mnm (This stands for mother natures miracles)

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Our ROOT referral code is mnm (This stands for mother natures miracles)

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