MNM Energy Trasnfer Healing Stickers - Very Powerful & Versatile

MNM Energy Transfer Stickers from Mother Natures Miracles. They are permanently charged up with Pyramid Healing energy via a clinically proven radionics pattern. They have also been charged up using extremely advanced remote quantum healing energies at an amazing 2200 on the Hawkins scale alongside DNA and Cellular protection frequencies from the same source.  Transferable “bio disc” energy plus full spectrum sunlight energy from an Analemma “ Water Wand” has also been infused. Chakra balancing frequencies and the solfeggio frequencies have also been imprinted using yet another advanced healing technology. Last but not least Terrahertz energy has also been imprinted using a powerful device. These energies are extremely powerful individually and a real powerhouse collectively. They are powerful enough to transfer to any object they are placed on.

The stickers are made of high quality vinyl, adhere very well and are also waterproof.

They can also be removed with care and placed on to other tiems, such a new phone etc.


Suggested applications of the frequency healing stickers


(1) place directly on to wireless mobile devices, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart TV etc. 

(2) place one on your main WiFi unit  

(3) place one on your smart meter 

(4) place one on your main water pipe for the house 

(5) place one on a metal water bottle / kettle / water filter

(6) place one on your shower head

(7) place one on your favourite healing pendants and crystals etc to add extra energies

(8) Anywhere where you feel instinctively will have a positive impact. 

Price per sticker is just £2, available in a minimum of a 12 pack for £24 including first class postage and packaging to the UK. Overseas just £26 all inclusive.

Please get in touch to arrange to make payment either via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Thank you for your interest and we hope you decide to try them out.

We are proud of our creation and have A1 feedback

If you wish to order larger amounts for personal use or to buy them for you to resell we are able to reduce the price further, please get in touch with us to find out more about these options.