Throughout practically all of history, humans have walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious to the fact that the gentle surface energies of the Earth harmonize and stabilize the body's fundamental biological rhythms and keep inflammation at bay. In our contemporary Western world, the widespread use of insulative rubber or plastic soled shoes has disconnected us from these nurturing energies and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. 

New research, detailed in this amazing book indicates that this physical disconnect from the Earth creates abnormalities in the physiology and contributes to the chronic inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep that are so rampant in our modern society. 

Along with the research has emerged an amazingly simple remedy for many health problems, including the chronic inflammation regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, including cardiovascular disease.  The remedy is something right beneath our feet - the Earth itself!


This discovery is called Earthing or Grounding and it means reconnecting the human body to the Earth's natural and subtle electric frequencies that few people even know exist. The surface of the planet, science tells us, brims with health-sustaining energy, but until recently the extraordinary benefits that it offers were practically unknown.

Connecting the human body to this natural resource is utterly simple - just go barefoot outdoors. If you have ever walked along the beach near the surf, or on a grassy field wet with morning dew, you may have felt the energy in the form of gentle tingling or warmth in your feet and legs. 


You can also connect to this energy by sleeping, working, sitting, or resting on specially designed and inexpensive conductive sheets, bands, or mats that transfer the energy via a wire into your home and office. These are available on the Mother Nature's Miracles website and come highly reccomended.

These unique devices often relieve common health and pain problems. Recovery from surgery, injury, and extreme athletic performance is accelerated. People report sleeping better with more energy during the day.  They feel better.  For more than ten years, thousands of people around the world - men, women, children, and athletes - have incorporated Earthing into their daily routines. The results have been documented in double blind clinical studies and they are extraordinary. 


The research also suggests that direct physical contact with the Earth reconnects you to the natural electric signal from the Earth governing all living organisms dwelling upon it. The signal restores your body's natural internal bioelectrical stability and rhythms, which in turn promote normal functioning of body systems, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. 

It shifts the nervous system from stress-dominated functioning to one of calmness.  By reconnecting, you enable your body to return to its normal evolutionary electrical state, better able to self-regulate and self-heal. The Earth's surface energy takes the form of a virtually unlimited reservoir of free electrons, subatomic particles. When "uploaded" into your body as a result of direct physical contact with the ground, these electrons appear to quell the rampage of destructive free radicals at the basis of chronic pain and inflammation. 


Please go to our products section for a full selection of indoor earthing devices or to purchase a copy of this definitive Earthing book. You will also find the first 50 pages of the Earthing book in PDF format in our articles section, which will most liklely have enough information to whet your appetite to try an earthing device. We use the various earthing devices ourselves daily and have found them to be extremely beneficial in many different ways, as have our customers (please check out our testimonials)

Credence Publications is an independent research organisation dedicated to reporting contentious issues that may harm the public. They very reliably report annotated and verified information that enables you to make wise health decisions. It is thanks to meeting with their founder and main author, Phillip Day almost 20 years ago that we were able to open our minds and search for greater truths outside of the tighly controlled mainstream media. All of their available books are outstanding, and very hard to put down. Phillip Day also tours the world giving life saving information through his lectures, also stopping by in Scotland annually.

This is the first Credence Publications book we read after attending a Philip Day lecture in Edinburgh. It's an explosive and detailed overview of the news the world has waited so long to hear. This book exposes the ongoing establishment cover-up over Vitamin B17, which has been proven to be an answer to cancer and its prevention. It further details the astonishing track record of amygdalin (laetrile) in its role within the combined cancer treatment known as Metabolic Therapy. Whether you have cancer, or are exercising prevention for you and your family, this is a life saving must read! If you need the information in a hurry, please download a free PDF copy from the following link -'re-Still-Dying-to-Know-the-Truth-(2000).pdf​ (Second hand physical copies are also often available on Amazon)

Another great Credence Publications book from Phillip Day. In the words of Phillip himself "n the age of the Internet, we now have the sum total of all human knowledge at our fingertips, warts ‘n all – the first time this has become possible. The purpose of Health Wars is to assist you in getting properly researched and easy-to-understand information upon which to base your own conclusions and informed decisions. It’s currently an embarrassing time for the ‘powers that be’ now the veil of information secrecy has been whisked aside" In Phillips research he found "encroaching greed was placing profits over patients with unintended consequences. Syndromes were being invented. Most drugs were proving an unqualified failure with disease and worse, there were side-effects, the cost and potential for litigation. Curing the symptoms was not the same thing as curing the disease." Most amazingly he concludes “The Journal of the American Medical Association has published figures showing that Western healthcare is now the third leading cause of death in America. Interestingly, the medical establishment is in possession of preventative nutrition information that could drastically cut the numbers of heart disease and cancer deaths, the leading two killers in our society today. This same medical establishment however has made the deliberate decision not to share or publicise this information. This implicates Western healthcare as the leading cause of death in our society today."