After keenly researching and studying health and nutrition, naturopathy, alternative healing and Reiki for many years, our mission is to bring optimal health and well-being to as many people as possible. Should you require 1 to 1 holistic health advice you can depend on us to sensitively and carefully discuss what issues are present, and go on to advise what's best to help your body heal and repair itself naturally. We also have strong connections with many different alternative health experts, doctors, authors, researchers and therapists ahould additional help be required.


Our 1 to 1 holistic health advice benefits

  • We have a lot more than 10 minutes to spare, unlike the inadequate time doctors have.
  • We will not just recommend taking a drug to merely stop the symptoms of your illness.
  • 25 years plus of research into alternative healing methods allow us to give great advice.
  • If necessary further research will be undertaken and contact made with relevant experts.
  • All of the suggestions we make will not intefere with any forms of prescribed medication.

Our 1 to 1 therapy benefits

  • We use a combination of various therapies to make sure each visit is tailored.
  • example focus areas include, pain relief, relaxation, increase of energy etc.
  • Where appropriate the following techniques and therapies are called upon;
  • Reiki, crsytal & orgone energy healing, earthing, magnetic & sound therapy.
  • All of the treatments will not intefere with any forms of prescribed medication.
  • State of the art healing technologies avaialble remotely to anyone anywhere 

Our unique product range benefits

  • All products are fully tested and happily used on oursleves before we promote them.
  • Only products which are highly effective for healing and well being are recommended.
  • Various suppliers worldwide have been chosen for their unrivaled quality and expertise.
  • All of the product ranges will not intefere with any forms of prescribed medication.
  • Results from their use can be truly amazing, please check out our A1  testimonials


Would you like more information about our services, or any of our  products?

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