The following 10 minute video is a very interesting summary of the amazing scientific discovery by Dr Wilhem Reich of a measurable energy form which permeates everything in the universe. He decided to call the energy orgone energy. This energy has been spoken of worldwide for thousands of years and is otherwise known as Chi, Prana, Zero Point Energy etc. Excuse the dramatic music with this video, however it is indeed a very dramatic discovery! The orgone devices we source only give out the desirable positive form of orgone energy. They often have profound effects in lifting mood, increasing energy and generally placing people on the right path in their lives. We have experienced this ourselves first hand and many of our customers have reported exactly the same profound effects. Orgone devices can also be used to heal the environment, often with amazing results. (You will find orgone pendants, larger devices for personal and domestic healing, and very large "cloud busters" for healing and protecting your local area in our products section

This great short 10 minute video gives a very good quick explanation and description of orgone healing devices. Orgone devices are an incredible and relatively new discovery available from our products section in the form of pendants, healing tools and environmental healing devices such as our amazing orgonite cloud buster. We can't express just how profoundly orgone energy has positively affected our lives and the lives of many others we know. This video also covers the healing power of crystals. A suggestion is made to gift crystals to others to uplift them. We also apply the same philosophy to orgone devices  and gift environmentally and to individuals.

This great 3 minute introductory video brilliantly sums up the benefits of earthing / grounding, the simple act of touching the earth with bare skin. The same amazing healing effects can also be gained indoors thanks to the invention of indoor earthing equipment by Clint Ober. (In our products section we have a full range of official Clint Ober earthing products, and have found them to be profoundly beneficial as have our customers)

This short 10 minute video, although showing it's age, is a very interesting look at the profound healing effects of magnetic therapy. Many different positive effects have been proven scientifically in hundreds of double blind studies worldwide. (we are pleased to be providing the worlds strongest magnetic therapy bracelet, and self designed and manufactured ultra-powerful magentic healing discs in our magnetic therapy products section)

This is a great two part interview with Don Croft, who is the humble and amazing inventor of orgone devices with added crystals, and the inventor of orgone pulsers. The orgone pulsers heal the body using a combination of electro-medicine and positive healing orgone energy. Both of these are profoundly beneficial and life changing inventions. We are very pleased to offer orgone devices and orgone pulsers to our customers. Their popularity is ever increasing worldwide. Please check our testimonials page for some amazing success stories using these healing tools. 

This is a brilliant and revealing lecture by the late Dr. Robert Beck, who held a PhD in physics and had been involved in over 30 years of electromedicine research. Our orgone enhanced pulser works using improvements upon the same scientific principles he used in the 1990's to create devices which healed many people of serious health conditions. It is quite a long lecture but even the first 15 minutes is fascinating and very revealing. Often the most simple of ideas are the most effective! (Usually they're not too profitable and also become a major threat to the status-quo with inevtable consequences) Honourably, Dr Beck had no interest in creating wealth from his inventions, recieved no funding for his research, and encouraged others to replicate his devices. We feel no individual or family should be without an orgone pulser, truly incredible!

This video is a great visual explanation of how the body must maintain a healthy slightly alkaline PH to remain healthy. Western diets and stressful lifestyles bring in more and more acidity on a daily basis, which cause a dangerous knock on effect to our overall health as our bodies struggle to maintain an alkaline PH. By consuming more alkaline foods than acidic foods, taking high quality food based powdered supplements, and alkalizing by using an orgone enhanced zapper we can easily gain and maintain radiant health, just as mother nature intended us all to enjoy.