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We feel very blessed to have found the unique, exciting and powerful Focused Life Force Energy remote healing / radionics service. After testing the service ourselves very successfully for a few months and having great feedback from other healers we know, we wish to go ahead and spread the word and help further raise vibrations worldwide. Many people will be unfamiliar with the term Radionics, which is defined below for clarity;

What exactly is Focused Life Force Energy?


Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) is a radionics technology that creates a high consciousness field that can be sent remotely anywhere worldwide. It recreates the feeling and benefits of being present in high consciousness sacred places. You can enjoy it in your home and business every day, and with FLFE Everywhere you can take the high consciousness field with you as you travel. You can also use it to increase the overall vibration of your business or non profit / charitable organisation.

Focused Life Force Energy Home, Business, Nonprofit and FLFE Everywhere subscriptions are affordable monthly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions that give you the FLFE high consciousness field with all of its benefits, access to consciousness raising technologies they develop, and inclusion in the growing FLFE community.

Funds raised are used to further increase the power of the FLFE radionics  machines and fund more 'service work' to raise vibrations in places of need such as refugee camps and war zones etc. At the moment around 99% of the energies produced by FLFE machines are used for such work.

FLFE Home and FLFE Everywhere can be also be trialled in full for 15 days free of charge without commitment or providing any form of payment details. All that is requried is filling in a simple online form. The service is then rapidly switched on.

How does the Focused Life Force Energy service work?


The FLFE devices re-direct and focus Life Force Energy (also known as Subtle Energy, Chi, Prana and Mana etc.) which is present throughout all matter in the universe. Properties are associated with the FLFE wave by the inclusion of a legal address or longitude and latitude coordinates. FLFE Everywhere objects are associated using the unique cellular phone number (FLFE Mobile Phone) or by a high resolution photo (for a FLFE Personal Object) This creates an association (technically called quantum entanglement) of the FLFE machine with the property or object and the action of the FLFE wave on the property begins instantly.

Within 5 seconds a high consciousness field is created that is rich with exponentially more available energy than the environment had previosuly.

FLFE Programs contain specific information and vibrations for the FLFE high consciousness field that support the people, animals, plants and all other living beings to evolve in their consciousness, health, in order to support the creation of a higher quality of life for one and all.

If you wish to try out this amazing life changing service, please click on the banner below to be taken to the official FLFE website (our affiliate link will be automatically sent to them) There you will find very interesting in depth information, FAQ section, excellent heartfelt testimonials, a comprehensive learning centre, plus links to previous webinars and podcasts etc.

If and when you decide to sign up for a paid subsciption you will be given the opportunity to permanently send a pleasant uplifitng FLFE frequency to any address or location you wish alongside your own full stength FLFE frequencies.

Popular choices to gift or "pay it forward" FLFE are often places like schools and other locations with large amounts of visitors. You could of course choose a single address of a loved one or friend who is in need of additional positive energies.

 Please click on the banner below and be prepared for a whole new you!

Short PDF with some very useful advice about maximising the FLFE service

Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

In Depth Frequently Asked Questions PDF About Focused Life Force Energy

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Incredible heartfelt testimonials are being gathered worldwide every day!

“On a fluke I found your link and activated the free trial. Wow, immediately impacted by it! It’s amazing technology. I’ve been able to do yoga and meditation again. My household is harmonious with past karmas burning off- as you say. It lifts you up, to it’s level and removes obstacles. Heck, I want to work for this company. This is a whole new way of living. When I leave the property, I can feel the loss of the vibration and yet, even still, folk were very chatty with me along the way today. I was grounded in a way, I’d been wishing to be. I am reading at your Learning Centre, as we speak. I’m sure I’ll have many questions, but for now, enjoying the gigantic shift in consciousness I’m feeling!”


Kare W.

A Home Subscriber

“Shortly after starting the program, I noticed a dramatic upturn in the business. I didn’t immediately link the two events together, but over time I have come to realize there is much more going on than just luck. There has not only been an upturn in business but also a more focused group of people getting more and more done each day. I have sat back and watched how others operate. I have noticed others pick up on the positive energy that permeates the space. I haven’t explained the process to everyone, but everyone seems to be connected to it. Something like this is the kind of thing you wish someone could bottle and sell to the world, but allowing it to enter your space is virtually the same thing. I feel very privileged to be a part of the experience and certainly a part of the process.”




A Business Subscriber


“…people’s reactions when they enter the space are really pretty amazing. Almost everyone comments about how good it feels to be there. First time visitors walk around looking at the space almost in a daze of awe. Word has spread around our community about our studio and our business is really increasing…”


Lisa S.

Yoga Studio Owner - Business Subscriber

“I wanted to do the mobile FLFE service because I am an outdoor fitness instructor and I wanted to bring it to my clients during our sessions.  It has been great, and I can definitely see a noticeable difference in my clients now too.  They just seem to have a great time in our workouts. Since starting with FLFE Mobile I have been receiving more ideas and inspirations to help build my personal fitness business. Also, I work pretty hard in my day but through FLFE I don’t hit that mental crash at the end of my day anymore.  The energy to stay focused on talking to clients, writing emails, or getting my tedious tasks done is there even after a long day of work.  My last experience has been in my new relationship.  We just have a blast together.  Never have I been in a relationship where we complement each other so much. FLFE Mobile has been a blessing for me.”


Chris R.

A Mobile FLFE Subscriber

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